In Rem Foreclosures

The Office of the County Attorney is the legal advisor for the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners and all departments and divisions of Mecklenburg County Government, including the Office of the Tax Collector. An Assistant County Attorney is assigned to the Office of the Tax Collector to handle tax foreclosures. Tax foreclosures handled by the Assistant County Attorney are filed as in rem foreclosures pursuant to NCGS §105-375

Current In Rem Foreclosures


Each property is being sold as-is and it is the duty of any bidder to investigate the property on their own prior to making any bid. The information posted here about any property for tax foreclosure sale is for education only in the investigative process, and cannot, and should not, be solely relied upon by any bidder.

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Tax Foreclosure Bidder Advisory

All tax foreclosure sales will be free from collusion, bid rigging, or any other activity designed to suppress the final price of the auction. Free and open competition must exist in bidding at all times. Private individuals and/or organizations participating in the bidding process must do so independently.

When competitors collude, or engage in bid rigging, they are subject to criminal prosecution by the Antitrust Division of the United States Department of Justice, and/or local prosecution. The relevant North Carolina statute is G.S. 75-1, the Unfair Trade Practice Act (UTPA). This can be enforced by individuals, by the NC Attorney General or by the local District Attorney. Civil and criminal penalties may be assessed for violations; criminal violations are felonies.


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