Tax Rates

Calculating the Property Tax Rate

Mecklenburg County property tax rate is 47.31 cents per $100 in property value. Therefore, to calculate your county property taxes, take the assessed value of your property, divide by 100, and then multiply by 0.4731.

For example, the owner of a $200,000 house will have an annual County tax bill of $946.20.

Please note: Your total tax bill will also include a municipal tax from the City of Charlotte or one of the six County towns plus a County and municipal solid waste fee (if applicable).


County Property Tax Calculator



Property Tax Brochure

Our property tax brochure provides a we​alth of critical information regarding real estate and personal property tax bills. This brochure offers an overview of the various tax rates levied within Mecklenburg County, information on how the money is spent, and other important tax information.